About Our Hospital

The National Wildlife Centre (NWC) works at the intersection of humans, native wild animals, and the environment with a focus on One Health. We help native wildlife through our programs aimed at conservation goals to protect ecosystems, populations of wild animals, and the health of individual animals.


NWC’s vision is to be the Centre of Excellence for conservation, wildlife clinical research, wildlife medicine, training, and education. We see ourselves as a platform for training the future wildlife custodians, responders, conservation and wildlife biologists, rescue staff and veterinarians in native wildlife issues; as a resource for wildlife emergency prevention, preparedness, and response planning in Canada; and as a hub of new discovery and dissemination of knowledge to support native wildlife from diverse perspectives.

We seek to be recognized for our leadership, creation and transfer of knowledge to others, highest quality and standards, and excellence in caring for native wildlife. For example, we plan to have an internship program for newly graduated veterinarians looking to focus on wildlife medicine. We have recently expanded and now provide medical care to sick and injured wildlife through a partnership with Hope for Wildlife (HFW) in Seaforth, NS. One of our veterinary internships is based at this location and the accredited veterinary hospital facility at HFW is the first NWC satellite wildlife hospital.

We plan to have placements for wildlife biology students, visiting biologists, conservationists, and ecologists to gather data collected at NWC, to learn and educate others on issues pertaining to native wildlife.

We plan to have a network of trained rehabilitators who, unlike in the past, will have a wildlife hospital to bring sick and injured wildlife for medical diagnostics and treatment.

Working at the intersection of humans, animals, and the environment, we hope to create a sustainable program for generations to come.
Email us: info@nationalwildlifecentre.ca

Medical Healthcare Team


Sherri Cox, DVM









Dr. Cox is a graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC). As a wildlife veterinarian she has a special interest in orthopedic surgery and has experience working with native wildlife – from birds to reptiles to mammals.

Additionally, Dr. Cox has been involved with oiled wildlife and response since 2002. She has been an instructor at the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association conferences, given talks at the OVC, and trained many student veterinarians and veterinary technicians in wildlife medicine.

Dr. Cox is the founder of the National Wildlife Centre and is committed to helping educate on wildlife conservation, medicine, and emergency preparedness and response. Dr. Cox is also the current Executive Director, Global Development, Innovation and Research at the University of Guelph, Canada.

Jessica Khodadad, DVM







Dr. Khodadad grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida. After graduating from Louisiana State University, Dr. Khodadad completed an emergency and critical care internship in Phoenix, Arizona, followed by working with avian and exotic species as well as companion animals for 5 years in Florida. Dr. Khodadad is based in our Nova Scotia satellite hospital, located onsite at Hope for Wildlife.