May 23 2018

National Wildlife Centre Help Rescue a Moose

It was a busy day at National Wildlife Centre as our medical team assisted in the rescue of a moose that was stuck in a swamp after being hit by a truck. We were deeply saddened to see the extent of her injuries after she was pulled out of the swamp with the great efforts of Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and Fowler Construction.

Once rescued, the moose was transferred to Aspen Valley for a full assessment by our medical team. Our examination lead us to the discovery of a pregnancy! Although mom’s injuries were too significant to repair and rehabilitate we were able to successfully preform an emergency C-section. During surgery we discovered not only one but two babies!

Both moose calves are doing well in the care of Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary- we are happy to introduce to you Fowler (a baby boy) and Trinita (a baby girl)!…/surprising-twist-to-mo…

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