Apr 18 2018

This Kestrel was assessed by our doctors

This Kestrel was assessed by our doctors at the National Wildlife Centre after being hit by a car. The trauma resulted in fractures of 2 bones in the left wing (humerus and ulna). Our doctors were able to place pins in the wing to stabilize the bones while they healed. The yellow that you see is some vet wrap covering the external bar placed. We had a few concerns about the weight of pins and bar even though light weight material was used! It was a delight to see the Kestrel standing (and eating) after surgery. With stability of the fracture, pain medications, and supportive care, we hope for a quick and full recovery. Thank you to Shades of Hope for providing this bird some tender loving care.

Thank you to all those who care for our wildlife and for our supporters that allow us to keep helping wildlife in need!

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