Apr 02 2018

Ready for Release

This barred owl was assessed by our doctors from the National Wildlife Centre after suffering a traumatic fracture of his left wing (humerus). Owls have to fly perfectly and silently to catch their prey. Our doctors were concerned with this fracture as it was close to the elbow and infected. There was concern that this could cause permanent changes to the joint making perfect and silent flight difficult.

Our doctors wanted to give this owl his best chance and repaired the fractured wing using an external fixture. This involves at least 3 different pins to stabilize the bones. Did you know that each pin can cost upwards of $15? Along with other surgical supplies, bars, and clamps associated with the pins, each procedure can cost between $200-400 in supplies. It is through your donations that we can continue to provide this medical care.

After 3 weeks of pain and infection management, along with rest, this owl’s fracture healed! Following the removal of the pins and continued pain management during physiotherapy, this owl is ready for conditioning and flight testing in preparation for release.

We would like to thank Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge for helping providing care for this owl.

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