Mar 08 2018

All Smiles!!

This eastern grey squirrel was assessed by the National Wildlife Centre team after sustaining head trauma. He was unwilling to eat on his own and would scratch at his face when syringe fed. In order to rule out oral pain, the squirrel was sedated and an oral exam was completed. No fractured teeth or other oral injuries were visualized. However, a skull x-ray revealed a fracture of a very small bone in the maxilla (upper jaw).

With excellent pain management and supportive care, he has started eating on his own. We are all smiling about this! Thank you to Shades of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary for providing care for this squirrel.

In order to reduce stress in our patients, sedation and general anesthesia is frequently used. Did you know a single bottle of a sedative drug can cost upwards of $100? With your support we are able to offset these costs and continue to provide medical care for wildlife!

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