Dec 27 2017

NWC Rescue a Young Buck

This young buck found himself in a tough spot. Trapped in a wrought-iron fence in north Toronto, he was unable to free himself. 

Great team work initiated with Toronto Wildlife Centre contacting our medical team to immobilize and help this deer. We responded and assessed his wounds. They were significant – but he was expected to make a full recovery. The home owners allowed us to cut their fence to free the deer.

The National Wildlife Centre drove him to Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge where he would spend approximately 3 weeks recovering. We were quite concerned due to the extreme temperatures affecting his healing due to fur loss … and it’s not easy to rehabilitate an adult deer! 

Update (January 22, 2018)

Shades of Hope did a great job at minimizing noise and stress to allow him to heal. He was down for several days. While he could get up, we suspect he was quite painful and stayed down to rest and heal. Our doctors examined him yesterday and we are so pleased to say that he has recovered from his injuries and was released back to a safe, quiet, forest where he came from.

Thanks to everyone involved in helping this deer make a full recovery!

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